Six Things You Should Never Say on the First Date

You took her to an expensive diner, gave her a bouquet of roses, and you even wore a new suit for that seemingly perfect night. But days after your date, you have not received a message from her yet. You know that you have not done anything wrong or silly and yet she still has not responded to your calls and messages, let alone sent you an angry emoticon. There are two reasons for this: maybe she is not that into you. Or maybe, she was into you but you have said something offensive during your date that made her think twice about having a second date with you.

The first date is crucial as it establishes how physically, emotionally, and intellectually compatible you are with your hot date. It is also the springboard for your future dates. This means that screwing up on your first night with the girl you have been wanting to date is not an option. Most of the time, it is not the things that you do or did not do that make women refuse to have a second date with you. It is usually the things that you say that tell the ladies that you are the first-date-only type of guy.

When it comes to first dates, there are things that you should not say for you to get a second date. Here are things that you should not be discussing with your date on your first night/day out.

“I checked out your Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking accounts.”

The last type of guy any woman would like to share a romantic candle-lit dinner with is an online stalker. Although there are women who might not mind that the guys who invited them out to dinner have checked their Facebook accounts, majority of the ladies find this creepy.  The purpose of the date is to get to know more about her. If you want to know her better, ask her questions during the date about her hobbies and interests instead of spying her via her social networking accounts. If you cannot stop yourself from collecting information on your date through Facebook and Twitter, we advise that you skip mentioning it in your conversations.

“How much money do you make?”

It is rude to ask about someone else’s salary more so if that someone is the woman you are trying to date. There are a lot of other crucial questions to ask aside the amount of money that she is making in a year. Women do not appreciate it when a man is evaluating their financial stability instead of their personality, goals, and beliefs. They want you to date them because you are attracted to them as a person and not as a money-making machine. Moreover, you should also not talk about your own income-generating potential on the first date. This is to make sure that you get a second date because you are a desirable gentleman and not because you have overflowing bank accounts.

“I   have slept with (insert number here) girls.”

Aside from your financial information, another thing that you should never mention on a first date is your sexual history. Women like men who can satisfy them sexually, of course, but you do not have to prove that you are sexually active on your first date. Whether it is a blind date or the girl you are dating is someone you have known for quite some time, you should still not disclose the number of girls you have taken to bed during your date. She wants to talk to you and not to your penis. We get it, you are kind of a man-slut, but does your date really need to know that? It is your first date, and the last thing that you want to do is to give her a chlamydia scare by telling her that in the past two months, you have slept with 30 girls, sixteen of which are sluts.

“I just went through a bad break-up with my bitch of an ex-girlfriend.”

Say this in between sobs to the woman you are having dinner date with and you will surely not get a second date. You ask your date out for dinner or drinks, and the last thing she wants to do is be your therapist. Bitching and ranting about your breakup on the first date is a tell-tale sign that you have not let go of whatever dysfunctional relationship you have been into and what you are obviously after is a rebound. It is also a sign that you are one bitter ex who should not be out prowling for a new girlfriend. If you are still mournful over your breakup, then you should not be dating yet. Give yourself enough time to move on and be at peace with the fact that you are free and single. If you feel the need to talk about your ex is critical, do it with your therapist, your trusted buddies, or with the bartender.

“I hate…”

Nobody wants to date a hater. We know you loathe hipsters, your job, and your idiot brother, but do keep the negativity at bay when you are on a date. Telling a girl how much you hate your boss, your life, or Obama makes you a very uncool person to be around with. Give your acerbic self an indefinite leave when you get back into the dating scene. Most women consider sense of humor and a positive outlook in life as must-have qualities for their ideal man. In addition, the date should be about building rapport and having a fun time together while knowing more about the other person. Unless you are dating a certified pessimist then it would be fine to talk about abhorring objects and people, so you can get angry at almost anything and burn stuff to feel joy together.

“I Love You”

Saying these overused three words on a first date makes you a really romantic guy. No, we are kidding. Saying “I Love You” on the first date makes you an “I Love You” slut or a creep, whichever you prefer. Nobody says these words on the first date. Also, most sane girls who are not obsessed with getting a boyfriend would not fancy hearing these words from you since it is just your first night together. Unless you want to be weird on your first date, never ever utter these three words to her.

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